When we are confronted with a challenging situation and we are not sure we have the skills or capacity or strength to deal with that challenge, we feel anxious.

Having to speak in front of an audience for the first time or maybe the hundredth time…..

Our first date……….

Our first day at our new job………

Illness – our own or family members……

A heavy workload which we see no way around……….

We get sweaty palms, a racing heartbeat, we may be trembling in our boots, it is difficult to think and our mind is all over the place.

When we are anxious, we may get irritable, we may be reactive.

When we lack confidence in taking on a challenge, that can be interpreted by others as lacking competence, and that can get us into all sorts of trouble in the workplace.

When anxiety is chronic, our physical and mental health are both impacted.

I work with clients to slow down, to concentrate on the here and now - to do things that relax the body in the current moment.

Often there is a fear of failure.  I support clients to identify their capacity, capabilities and strengths, to identify what is important now and what is not important –it may not need to be their problem.

Overcoming anxiety may involve looking at and challenging attitudes and beliefs people may have had enforced upon them growing up, and thought those attitudes and beliefs were the norm.