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Counselling for young people from age 12 up

If you are a young person seeking support and answers, you may be wondering:

“Who am I?” “Do I belong here?” “Where do I fit in?” “Who loves me?”

You may be one many young people today experiencing pain and confusion following the breakup of your family through separation and divorce and one of your parents remarrying.  You may feel abandoned or betrayed.

You may feel under pressure from the expectations of others to be a high achiever with some pursuit you are not confident of succeeding in, or you are just not interested in.  It could be academically - in the classroom, on the sporting field, or a particular career path.  That pursuit is just not You!  You have other goals!

Are you bullied at school or in the workplace?  Do you feel discriminated against, singled out because you are perceived as being different? 

Others can notice our vulnerabilities - “where there are kinks in our armour”, and target or exploit those vulnerabilities

Another theme, is that of expectations, perceived or actual and the pressure young people feel, to perform.  Expectations can come from parents, from teachers, from authority figures, from peers and friends.  One of the questions a young person may be asking is “how good to I have to be to be accepted?”

In counselling I will listen to you, respect you and take you seriously.  I will not judge you but I may challenge you, especially if you have negative and irrational thoughts and beliefs about yourself.  I will help you to discover your uniqueness and the gift that you can be to others. 

If you are exhibiting challenging behaviour, I will work with you to understand the “why” behind that behaviour.